How to disable Google TalkBack?

Hello there, buddies. Today we will show you how to disable Google TalkBack feature of mobile phones, which is causing the most concern among mobile users, despite the fact that it is a very useful tool.

But occasionally, owing to an error, it turns on while our phone is locked, and the sweat of that mobile user is lost. To switch off this function, what is the problem now, we will give you the entire specifics of it.

Because of the difficulty with these mobile features, you must have been worried many times. We will explain you how to switch off this option as well as the functions of these features.

What is TalkBack and how does it work?

What exactly are talk back features? This function is put in android mobile for phone users who wish to utilise screen touch or android mobile but have poor or no vision, i.e. they are blind. He can utilise the Android phone to its maximum potential with the speak back option enabled.

By the way, you should be aware that in today’s age, everyone, whether young or elderly, wants to use mobile, and in today’s era, the item he wants for his work is online from mobile. He can order without ever leaving his house, and he can also check the balance in his account and schedule rides like Ola Uber.

In today’s period, you will notice that many games, such as PUBG and Free Fire, are well-known in the world of mobile gaming; thus, speak back features are included within Android so that anybody may use them. Whoever wants to utilise it.

TalkBack is set to press and hold

You must have seen that once TalkBack is activated, anytime you touch the screen of the mobile, wherever you touch on the mobile, all information about it is sent by speaking through the mobile, which means to communicate this. Which choice have you selected, and which do you wish to select? Google Talk Back is another name for Talk Back. TalkBack from Google.

How to disable talkback?

  • If you wish to turn Google Talk back on or off, repeat the methods outlined above.
  • To enable Google Talkback, navigate to your phone’s settings.
  • After selecting mobile settings, select further settings. Additional configuration
  • After selecting further settings, select accessibility.
  • After heading to Accessibility, you have to click on Talkback.

After that, you may toggle your appearance back on or off as desired.

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