How to get a percentage from a calculator?

Hello there, buddies. Today we will show you how to compute all forms of percentages using a simple formula. How to get a percentage, This procedure will be so easy that you will be able to sit at home alone and extract the percentage of marks from the number that arrived in the test without the assistance of anybody.

Many folks are constantly perplexed as to how to obtain the percentage. But let us assure you that this is not a difficult mountain to conquer. Even children who have never heard of the M of Math may extract it in a very easy manner.

Aside from that, if you already know the percentage of a brother-mark friend’s sheet, you may calculate how much his number would have arrived in the examination. You will be able to compute the percentage of anything in the world if you follow the simple instructions below. Along with this, we will inform you how much % you can have based on your grade.

How to compute the percentage of marks using a calculator?

You must know what number occurred in the test or on any marksheet; if you want to compute the % using a calculator, follow the simple method provided below. If you’re strong at arithmetic, you can calculate percentages without needing a calculator.

To begin, suppose you took any CBSC or UP board exam and received 360 marks out of 600 total marks; in this case, you must use the following formula –

360 600 100 = Formula

Thus your answer comes to 60%. In this case, first keep the number that came, then divide it by the total number of exam takers, and last multiply it by 100.

Let us look at another case. Assume you took a 1200-point test for a railway or government position. If you get 800 points when topping, you may also utilise another technique.

The formula is 800 100 1200 = 66.66%.

The number 100 symbolises one hundred percent.

How can I deduce a number from a percentage?

You do business with a buddy and tell him that I will keep 75% of the profit and pay you 25%. If your firm makes a profit of Rs 20,000 in the next month, the following formula must be used to determine how much will be distributed between you and that individual.

How much money do you have to give your friend at a 25% discount?

Formula = The percentage will be multiplied by the entire earnings of the company and divided by 100.

25 20,000 100 = 5000 as an example

And your profit is equal to 20000 5000 = 15000.

If you don’t want to do that much, simply enter 25 20,000 into a calculator and hit the% sign; it will also come out like this.

The preceding formulae apply to any calculator, whether it is a calculator app on a mobile device, a computer, or a physical calculator with a battery. Additionally, it may be used to extract any type of percentage, whether it is to be taken from a grade, loan EMI, interest, or test scores.


We attempted to keep this essay as basic as possible so that you could comprehend it. So, hopefully, all of your questions have been answered, and please share this post with your math-challenged friends.

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