Instagram new update: Notes, Group Profiles, and Candidate Stories

This month, Instagram made a significant update, and according to Meta, the new features will “make you feel closer to the ones you care about.”

The app has been testing a DM feature called Notes for a few months, but there are other fascinating additions as well.

How to Get the Most Recent Instagram Updates

On Tuesday, December 13, the latest version was made available in a number of nations.
You must visit your iOS or Android App Store to download the most recent version of the Instagram app in order to receive the December 2022 update.

To view and utilise all the new features on Instagram, you will need to update the Instagram app. You can check the following day to see if the Instagram update has arrived in the iOS or Android App Store. Keep in mind that Instagram does not release new features to all accounts at once.

The new version and its features, however, might not yet be accessible in your area if the upgrade is still missing.


Instagram Notes, a new feature that enables you share a status with your pals in the DMs tab, is included in the update.

It’s a “new way to share your thoughts and see what your friends are up to,” according to the site, and it’s casual, impromptu, and light.

Notes only last 24 hours and can contain up to 60 characters of text and emojis. You have the option of sharing your Note with all of your reciprocal followers or only your close friends.

You only need to visit the inbox page to leave a note; it will be located between the search bar and direct messages.

To create your own Note, click “Leave a note” and enter your message in the “Share what’s on your mind” box. Responses to notes will show up in your email as DMs.


In addition to Notes, the December 2022 update includes Group Profiles, a brand new profile type that enables users to “share posts and stories with friends on a dedicated, shared profile”.
When you post anything on a group profile, only people in that group will see it, not all of your followers.
There are more ways than ever to collaborate with friends thanks to new functionality. Tap the plus sign (+) and select a group profile to create one.
You and your friends can also share what you’re up to in a story called Candid Stories that’s only available to people who also post their own.
Similar to BeReal, it will send you daily notification reminders that you can turn off in the settings after you share your first Candid.
Add Yours nominations, another new feature, let you to invite others to take part in the well-liked Story stickers.
Additionally, users can store posts to a collaborative collection in your group or DMs using collaborative collections.

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