How to reset Apple ID password

How to reset Apple ID password?. Being locked out of your account is the most unpleasant experience, especially when you’re attempting to download a new programme or complete a task. Our privacy is protected by passwords, yet being locked out can be very annoying.




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  • iPhone
  • Desktop or laptop computer (optional)

Fortunately, there are various ways to reset your Apple ID password. We’ll demonstrate how to do it so you can swiftly put this annoyance behind you and continue with your day.

Using the Apple ID account page, how to change your password

By going on to the Apple ID account page and performing the procedures listed there, you can reset your password.

Forgotten your Apple ID or password

Step 1:

Visit and click the Forgot Apple ID or Password link in the page’s centre to get started. Note: If you clicked the Remember Me box, your password can automatically pre-fill the sign-in screen in a drop-down menu, so search for it first and see if it works.

Step 2:

After entering your Apple ID, which is often the primary email address for your Apple account, you will be directed to another screen where you must input your name and the email address linked to the account. Select I need to reset my password after selecting Continue.

Note: Your screen will change if your account has two-factor authentication enabled, and you’ll be prompted to validate your phone number.

Step 3:

Now, you may select whether you want to reset your password via email or by responding to a series of security questions. Depending on your particular preferences, you can select any of the options.

Step 4: 

Apple will send instructions to the primary email account you used to start this procedure, or to a rescue email if you opted to create one, when you select the email method. When you see a sizable, green checkmark on the Email has been sent page, you’ll know the email has been sent. Check your Spam, junk, and trash folders to see if the email is still there, or follow the above instructions to have it sent again if you still can’t locate it. Before you create a new password, if you choose the security questions, you must confirm your birthday and respond to a series of questions.

If you ever forget the answers to your security questions

Answering security questions is one of the simplest methods to regain access to your account and make changes if you forget your password. After all, only you or a close friend would be able to respond to a question like, “Who was your favourite teacher?” But what if you can’t remember your own security questions’ responses? Fortunately, if you do, updating them is likewise a straightforward procedure (although you will need access to your password to change them). How? Read on.

Step 1:

Enter your Apple ID at

Step 2:

Select Click Continue after I reset my security questions.

Step 3:

Enter your password, then click Continue.

Step 4:

Select the proper responses to three of the questions from the drop-down menus. I’m done now!

If you utilise an iOS device for two-factor authentication

Resetting your password will be considerably simpler if you have set up and enabled two-factor authentication, which is different from two-step verification. With this option, you can reset your password from a trusted iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, or the Apple ID account page. If you’re unsure whether you have any trusted devices, you already created them when you set up two-factor authentication. A passcode must also be enabled on all iOS devices.

Step 1:

Go to Settings > [your name] > Password & Security

Step 2:

At the top, select Password Change.

Step 3:

Your passcode will be required when prompted. Enter your new password after finishing.

If you use the Apple ID account page’s two-factor authentication feature

By login into the Apple ID account page and performing the aforementioned four steps, you can also use this method.

Step 1:

Enter the trusted phone number you provided when setting up two-factor authentication at

Step 2:

To send a notification to a dependable iPhone, iPad, or iPod, click Continue.

Step 3:

Tap Allow when you see the notification on your iOS device.

Step 4:

Enter your passcode, follow the instructions, and change your password.


The procedure for changing your password becomes slightly more difficult if you are unable to set up a new device and you no longer have access to a trusted one. It is feasible to get past two-factor authentication, but it is a difficult process. Before you may change your password, the verification process could take several days.

Using Account Recovery, how to reset your password

You shouldn’t have any issues utilising Account Recovery to request your password if your iOS device is in a different room. If your phone is stolen or lost, try this method. By recovering your account, you will prevent unauthorised users from entering it and potentially utilising your information or posing as you. The length of time it takes to do this could vary depending on how much information you supply to demonstrate that you are who you say you are.

Step 1:

You’ll probably notice the option to Request Account Recovery while you go through the process of changing your password using iForgot or iOS. Choose it.

Step 2: 

Enter a contact phone number where Apple can get in touch with you once your account is accessible. Be careful to enter the verification code that Apple will give to authenticate that phone number in order to confirm your personal details. When you’re done, Apple will send you a confirmation of your request for account recovery and advise you to wait for a call or text regarding your account.

Step 3:

This step involves some waiting; it’s difficult to predict with precision when you’ll hear from Apple, but they’ll contact you by phone or text as soon as your account is prepared.

Step 4: 

Open Once there, enter your phone number from step two along with your Apple ID into the system.

Step 5:

A second call or text with a special Account Recovery code will then be placed on you. Enter the code on the iForgot website once more.

Step 6:

To complete password reset, click Continue. To increase the security of your account, we also advise logging in and verifying your trusted phone number.

Whatever method you use to change your password, it’s crucial that you log into your Apple account as soon as possible after changing it. From there, you may check in the Settings menu on all of your devices to make sure the password has been updated so you don’t experience prolonged lockout. You can guarantee that you’ll always have access to your Apple account by checking everything twice.

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